Alcatel Submarine Networks completes INDIGO cable project

Alcatel Submarine Networks has completed the deployment of the 9,200km INDIGO subsea cable project between Australia and South East Asia.
INDIGO subsea cable projectTelecom engineers at INDIGO subsea cable project have completed the deployment of INDIGO West (4,600km Singapore to Perth) and INDIGO Central (4,600km Perth to Sydney) cables.

AARNet, Google, Indosat Ooredoo, Singtel, SubPartners and Telstra are the consortium members of the INDIGO subsea cable project that features new spectrum-sharing technology.

People behind the project

Oliver Camplin-Warner, Telstra’s Head of International
Chris Hancock, AARNet’s CEO
Ooi Seng Keat, Singtel’s Vice President, Carrier Services, Group Enterprise
Drew Kelton, chief executive officer, Superloop on behalf of SubPartners
Dejan Kastelic, chief technology and information officer Indosat Ooredoo
Ashish Ahuja, Global Network Infrastructure at Google

The investment in spectrum-sharing technology enables consortium members to independently leverage the new cable system to upgrade their networks and enable capacity increases on demand.

The INDIGO cable system will strengthen connectivity between Australia and the Southeast Asian markets, providing lower latency and more reliable communication services.

The cable, using current coherent optical technology, can support up to 36 terabits per second, the equivalent of simultaneously streaming millions of movies a second.

Alcatel Submarine Networks is the technology partner for building the INDIGO cable system connecting Singapore, Perth and Sydney, with two additional fibre pairs connecting Singapore and Jakarta via a branching unit.