Can a VPN service help your enterprise?

Since the rise of the Work From Home culture, there has been an increase in cyber threats. If you own a business and are not using a VPN, you are vulnerable to cyberattacks and viruses. VPN is a mature technology, and the users vary from amateur level to IT professionals. VPN forms a virtual platform that hides the encrypted data to and from your browser. In this way, third-party viewers, including your network service provider, can’t see your IP address and data.
wi-fi-users-in-indiaWhether you are a business owner or an employee, you need a VPN to work safely and securely. With a VPN service, your enterprise can network safely without any cyber threats. Here are six ways by which VPN service can help your enterprise.

Better Security

One of the significant advantages of using a VPN for your enterprise is to improve security. It provides end-to-end encryption so that your private data is yours to see and is safe from external attacks. VPN makes sure that your IP address, passwords, location, and data are kept safe from cyber attackers.

VPN creates an end-to-end encrypted tunnel, hiding exchanged data from a third party. For example, you use Dropbox or Office 365 for data protection to share official documents in your business. VPN acts as an extra layer of protection, keeping your files safe from malicious threats.

Remote Access

Enterprise management includes an office network. Where printers, scanners, fax machines, computers, even mobiles are connected virtually for fast and easy access. With just a click, data is transferred from one employee to another. It is also converted from soft copy to hard copy, and vice versa. It is safe and easy to access for all onsite employees, but access is problematic for remote employees.

Everyone working on site can easily access the office network, but since remote workers don’t share the same network, accessing the printers and scanners in the office can be difficult for them. While with a VPN, remote employees can log in to the office network from anywhere around the world; the only condition is to have an internet connection. To get geographical freedom for your enterprise, you need to get cloud based VPN so that everything is in sync and connected.

Protection on WiFi

Public WiFi or networks with open access are pretty convenient, but they aren’t secure compared to office-based or closed networks. When data is transmitted on an open network, there is a high chance that your data could be hacked. As in an open network, cybercriminals can easily view your activity and threaten your data’s security.

Even in the case of a network with a password, your data is vulnerable to cyber threats. As long as the hacker has the password and is connected to the same network as your device is connected to, your data is under threat. However, with a VPN, you can use the same network without any fear as all your data requests are encrypted, and no third party, including the internet service provider, will know what you are up to. And even if a hacker tracks your data traffic, your content is still hidden and protected.


Certain websites are blocked in some countries, like China and the UAE. So what if you need to travel to these countries for business? In such scenarios, VPN gives you access to those websites and content initially banned in that particular country. However, it would be best to look at your VPN privacy policy because those VPN providers that keep logs store a lot of users’ information in case authorities ask for it. While VPN providers that don’t keep logs limit the number of users. In both scenarios, you need to clearly look through the policy part and decide what suits you and your team.

Low Upkeep

A VPN provides safe and secure networking at cheap rates. While setting up a VPN for your enterprise, you’ll only have to spend a good amount in the beginning. After that, the regular maintenance costs are pretty low. If you opt for a paid VPN, then with one license, all your employees can access the VPN and work from any part of the World.

Protects Multiple Devices

These days, especially after pandemics, most work is handled from home. And a lot is handled via mobile phones on the go. So having a VPN for your enterprise will ensure that you can access VPN from all your devices, be it mobile, tablet, or PC. Also, ensuring that multiple employees can access the VPN network and the devices connected via the VPN.

What to Look For While Choosing A VPN Service?

There are many VPN service providers in the market, but you must choose one that fits your requirement. However, while buying a VPN service, you need to consider the following things:


Number of devices

Privacy policy



This is the most crucial factor—the stronger the security, your data will be well protected. This is the main reason our service is a highly popular one all over the globe.

The Number of Devices: 

Since you want a VPN for your enterprise and not an individual, you must keep multiple users’ access in mind while selecting a VPN.

Privacy Policy: 

For data security, choose a VPN service provider with a “no-logging policy”. This policy ensures that your online activity, like browsing habits, is not stored or shared. At Nord VPN, your privacy is our ultimate priority so we promote the no-logging policy feature.


Price is also an essential factor when deciding on a VP service provider, but it is better to invest in a paid VPN as in the case of the free version; there is no guarantee of how secure your data is. In the long run, compromising on price rather than on security will be more beneficial for your enterprise.


Whether you are a small start-up or an enterprise looking to expand, VPN is a network you need to ensure that your data does not fall into the wrong hands. Cloud storage and emails are common targets for hackers. But by investing in a robust VPN service provider, you can expand your enterprise and use the internet anywhere at any time while keeping data security as the top priority. Nord VPN will protect your essential files from cyber threats while providing a network for working remotely. In this way, all the employees will be on the same page without interference. There are various packages available. Choose one according to your requirement and protect your data.

Baburajan K