Cellcom Israel, Golan Telecom announce 4G radio network sharing deal

Cellcom Israel and Golan Telecom announced their agreement for sharing 4G radio network.

As per the deal, Golan Telecom will utilize the 4G radio network of Cellcom Israel for at least 5 years and 9 months.

Each of the company and Golan will provide the required frequencies for the operation of the 4G radio network and purchase and operate their own core network.

The agreement is subject to the Antitrust Commissioner and the Ministry of Communications’ approvals to both this agreement and to the parties’ previous agreement under which Golan is provided an IRU to the company’s 2G and 3G radio networks, or 2G 3G IRU agreement.

The annual revenues to Cellcom Israel from both IRU agreements are expected to be at a similar level to those generated from the parties’ existing national roaming agreement in 2013. 2G 3G IRU agreement, if approved, will replace the national roaming agreement, said Cellcom Israel that has approximately 3.049 million subscribers.