Cisco powers Brazil’s Free Signal project to offer free Wi-Fi

Cisco is supplying wireless outdoor metro Ethernet and security solutions for Brazil’s Free Signal project to offer free Wi-Fi connectivity.

In one of the largest free connectivity projects of Brazil, Brazilian Federal District will invest nearly $9 million by the end of the year to ensure free Wi-Fi connectivity in public spaces for up to 30,000 citizens under the Sinal Livre (Free Signal) project.

Besides the wireless outdoor metro Ethernet and security solutions, Cisco has provided technical and operational support to the project that went live recently with an initial investment of $7.5 million.

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The number of access points for the Wi-Fi connectivity project will be 220 spread throughout the Federal District. There will be 99 access points in the central area, where the National Stadium Mane Garrincha is located. Bus terminal station will have 54, while Convention Center Ulysses Guimaraes has six. Each administrative district will have, on average, five coverage areas.

“By using the network to improve public administration and citizen services, the Sinal Livre project is much more than simply providing Internet to the people,” said Rodrigo Dienstmann, president of Cisco in Brazil.

MTel Technology, Cisco integrator, has built a Metro Ethernet network, data center composed of redundant core switches, security solution with firewall, IPS, user authentication, content web filter, and a centralized management platform capable of supporting the service.

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