Comcast Xfinity 10G network upgrade to reach 10 mn homes

Comcast announced its latest Xfinity 10G network upgrade will be launched to 10 million homes and businesses by the end of this month.
Comcast investmentThese locations now have the foundational network enhancements in place to begin deploying DOCSIS 4.0, setting the stage for the introduction of new symmetrical multi-gigabit Internet options before the end of 2023 that can be delivered across existing networks with less cost.

To date, and ahead of schedule, more than 40 markets across Comcast service areas have implemented network improvements including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Miami, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and others.

The deployment of these technical capabilities will reach more than 50 million homes and businesses by 2025. In addition to fast speeds, DOCSIS 4.0 technologies will deliver even greater reliability and capacity to power multiple data-intensive applications.

“Streaming live sports, 4K gaming, hybrid work, and virtual reality have gone mainstream in just a few years, and gig speeds, capacity, reliability, and low latency are key factors making our connectivity experience superior to the competition,” said Dave Watson, CEO of Comcast Cable.

The company also unveiled plans to rollout new WiFi features in the coming months that build upon its industry-leading service reliability with a guarantee offer that increases support for in-home WiFi, and a new device with cellular and battery backup to help keep customers connected even when the power goes out.

Later this year Comcast will unveil new low latency features that will enable better experience for applications like gaming, virtual reality, and videoconferencing.

Recently, Comcast accelerated the transformation of its network to a virtualized architecture that is fully prepared for the emergence of more robust 10G technologies and DOCSIS 4.0. This network architecture enables Comcast to deliver symmetrical, multi-gigabit speeds to both residential and business customers.