EE Unveils Pioneering Platform Services, Diversifying Beyond Traditional Telecoms

EE, a leading telecommunications company, has made a significant leap toward platform services by expanding its offerings beyond traditional telecoms.
The company recently introduced a comprehensive suite of products and services to consumers in the UK through a newly integrated platform, powered by the cutting-edge EE ID identity management and login system.

“With an EE ID, customers will now have convenient access to a diverse range of products, services, and experiences across various sectors, all in one centralized location,” stated Marc Allera, CEO of EE.

The new online marketplace redefines how customers shop and manage their devices, subscriptions, services, and digital identities. Customers will have access to a curated selection of products and services from some of the most innovative tech companies, all seamlessly integrated into the EE platform.

Utilizing EE ID, the platform can be accessed through the EE App and online, making it accessible to all UK consumers, regardless of their current mobile or home broadband network.

Paolo Pescatore of PP Foresight highlighted the significance of this shift, stating, “Consumer behavioral patterns have changed, and it’s time for telcos to evolve. This revolutionary move marks a fundamental shift in the way a telco operates. The new EE aspires to be a broader tech and services retailer underpinned by connectivity.”

In its initial release, the platform will offer access to traditional network products, along with the new EE Consumer Electronics Shop, Gaming, Home Security, Insurance, and Subscription services. Future releases will expand the platform to include additional partner subscriptions, services, and capabilities, such as logging into third-party websites and partner-verified identity.

EE ID will play a pivotal role in ensuring data security, utilizing multi-factor and passkey authentication to safeguard personal information.

To accompany this transformation, EE will launch its new brand with an extensive marketing campaign, the largest since its inception in 2012. The marketing strategy will revolve around four key customer needs: Game, Home, Learn, and Work, with a revamped product and services portfolio aligned with these areas. Dedicated hub pages will also be introduced on the EE App and

As EE embraces this evolution, BT will focus on a more specialized portfolio, offering standalone broadband and landline services. Additionally, BT will continue its commitment to supporting vulnerable customers through various programs and market-leading social tariffs.