How ADTRAN is assisting Alncom, Netomnia, Wildanet

ADTRAN announced — alongside the Connected Britain 2021 event — how it’s assisting service providers such as Alncom, Netomnia, Wildanet for offering high-speed broadband to the UK.
ADTRAN MosaicAlncom

Alncom, an altnet service provider in rural Northumberland and County Durham, UK, chose ADTRAN’s Total Access 5000 (TA5000) fibre access platform to deliver Gigabit-ready broadband services to rural regions in the UK and bridge the digital divide.

Alncom, which is building a FTTH network, has secured private investment from Railsite Telecom as well as funding from the UK’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme to revolutionise broadband.

Stephen Pinchen, Managing Director at Alncom, said: “ADTRAN helps us maintain a network and services that are reliable, fast and can be deployed cost-effectively. This enables our subscribers to connect to a network that can keep up with their daily activities and broadband demands today, and we’re confident we’ll still be able to support those needs as they grow in the future.”


Netomnia, a fibre network builder, is leveraging ADTRAN’s software-defined access (SD-Access) architecture, creating one of the UK’s most advanced, high-speed fiber access networks. The implementation of XGS-PON FTTP technology allowed Netomnia to rapidly build out a hyper scalable fiber network passing 50,000 premises within the first year.

The software-centric implementation of XGS-PON FTTP technology allowed Netomnia to build out a hyper scalable fiber network passing 50,000 premises within the first year. Paired with its open networking expertise, Netomnia is now in a prime position to exceed its goal of passing 1 million premises by 2024 with multigigabit internet services.

“We selected the only technology partner that could deliver a proven deployable SDN solution,” said Jeremy Chelot, CEO at Netomnia. “Working alongside ADTRAN has allowed us to execute on our ambitious fibre network project goals of delivering scalability, sustainability and simplicity in order to achieve our current and future goals.”


Wildanet, an ISP based off the rugged coast of the UK, is using ADTRAN’s Total Access 5000 10G fibre access platform with XGS-PON technology to deliver ultra-fast broadband to underserved communities in the Cornwall area.

Paddy Paddison, CTO at Wildanet, said: “To build the service, we required a large technology provider dedicated to our success. ADTRAN is the right partner for us to deliver the best system with the personalized attention and solution breadth to fit our unique network needs.”