Hughes Network to build 11,000-site broadband satellite network for $24 million in Mexico

Telecom Lead Mexico: Hughes Network Systems has signed a contract with the Mexican Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT) to build an 11,000-site broadband satellite network for $24 million.

The network will span the entire country and bring high-speed Internet and voice connectivity to previously unserved regions.

The new network will connect schools, hospitals, government locations, community centers and public calling offices across Mexico’s 32 states.

Hughes will roll out the network in five months. The network will be operated by Telecomunicaciones de Mexico (Telecomm Telegrafos), a decentralized government office in charge of telecommunications in Mexico with a great deal of proven experience in satellite operations.

“Hughes has been providing products and services to SCT for 25 years, and has proven it is a reliable supplier to the Mexican government,” said Monica Aspe Bernal, coordinator of SCT’s Agency for Knowledge and Information. “On a project of this scope and importance, an open public competitive bidding process is mandatory. Other major broadband satellite equipment providers participated in the bid and Hughes’ proposal came out on top.”

Hughes will supply every component of the network, from its HN System Network Operations Center and 11,000 broadband terminals, to the fiber optic/Internet interconnection equipment, data compression/optimization technology, IP phones and wireless access systems to serve remote locations. Almost 1100 solar power systems will be supplied to support equipment off the power grid.

“We’re proud that Hughes was the winner of this important tender for this significant opportunity,” said Nick Marzella, Hughes vice president of sales, Latin America. “As we’ve done in the past, we will strive to retain SCT’s trust and confidence in our ability to create one of the world’s largest broadband networks in such a short time window — with enormous potential social and economic value.”

To date, Hughes has shipped more than 2.8 million systems to customers in over 100 countries, representing over 50 percent market share.

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