Nokia Wins Broadband Network Deal from TATA Play Fiber

Nokia has entered into a partnership with TATA Play Fiber, aiming to revolutionize India’s broadband landscape with the introduction of the country’s first WiFi 6-ready broadband network. This transformative collaboration will leverage Nokia’s cutting-edge technology to enhance the quality and reach of high-speed internet services.
NOKIAUnder this agreement, Nokia will supply TATA Play Fiber with a comprehensive suite of fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and Wi-Fi equipment, facilitating the expansion of TATA Play Fiber’s broadband network across India. Notable components of the technology package include Nokia’s state-of-the-art Optical Line Terminal (OLT), Optical Network Terminal (ONT) with Wi-Fi 6, and Wi-Fi mesh Beacons.

The incorporation of Wi-Fi 6 technology is a significant leap forward for TATA Play Fiber, enabling the delivery of differentiated services and a rich, indoor user experience for its customers. The intelligent mesh Wi-Fi 6 solution promises high-speed internet accessibility in every corner of homes, supporting low-latency applications like gaming, and delivering gigabit speeds to multiple devices on the Wi-Fi network. This enhancement also fortifies network security through the support of the WPA3 standard.

A notable feature of Nokia’s solution is its Mesh technology, which ensures seamless coverage for large customer premises and areas with physical barriers like concrete walls. This technology is particularly well-suited for residential homes with large or multi-floor spaces, as well as small office/home office (SOHO) enterprises, a substantial market segment in India. Furthermore, Nokia’s AI/ML software plays a pivotal role in identifying traffic patterns, faults, and potential outages in the GPON network, optimizing the end user experience.

Anand N Sahai, CEO at TATA Play Fiber, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Our partnership with Nokia allows us to bring WiFi 6-ready networks to our customers – a first in the category. The deployment of this next-generation, best-in-class optical networking solution will boost speed and coverage for multiple smart gadgets in all tech-dependent homes and enterprises.”

Nokia is the world leader in optical line terminal (OLT) technologies.

“We are proud to be a close partner for TATA Play Fiber in India. This deal is an extension of the work we have already done together and will also notch up a first for India by upgrading the network to be WiFi 6 ready,” Vinish Bawa, Head of Enterprise, Webscale & Emerging Business, India, at Nokia, said.

The collaboration between Nokia and TATA Play Fiber signifies a significant stride towards providing faster, more reliable, and secure broadband services to Indian households and businesses, setting a new standard in the industry. With the integration of WiFi 6 technology and advanced features, customers can look forward to an enhanced digital experience. This partnership underscores the commitment to technological advancement and connectivity in the Indian telecommunications sector.