T-Mobile Partners with Nokia to Elevate 5G High-Speed Internet Service Efficiency

T-Mobile has joined forces with Nokia, a technology leader, in a strategic move aimed at bolstering the scalability and efficiency of its High-Speed Internet (HSI) service.
T-Mobile home internet serviceT-Mobile will ensure the implementation of Nokia’s Multi-Access Gateway (MAG) solution, specifically designed to enhance the capacity and delivery speed of T-Mobile’s market-leading fixed-wireless HSI service in the United States.

Fixed wireless access (FWA) has emerged as a pivotal technology for extending the reach of high-speed broadband services. This move is anticipated to provide universal and ubiquitous broadband coverage, particularly supporting residential broadband applications such as high-definition video streaming that demands substantial bandwidth.

The deployment of Nokia’s MAG solution is expected to empower T-Mobile to offer more affordable broadband experience to its customers. The platform’s capabilities will enable T-Mobile to incrementally scale the bandwidth for HSI traffic to multiple Terabits-per-second, while optimizing power and space efficiency.

The Nokia MAG solution leverages the efficiency of 7750 Service Routers (SR) to deliver broadband services effectively over fixed-wireless access technologies. This solution combines the throughput and power efficiency of an NPU-assisted user-plane architecture on 7750 SR systems, providing the flexibility of the 3GPP control-plane architecture.

John Saw, EVP Chief Technology Officer for T-Mobile, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “The Nokia MAG solution will allow us to simplify our architecture and reduce operational life cycle management and our energy footprint. We are excited to partner with Nokia and leverage their innovative technology.”

“Our MAG solution, which uses our advanced FP5 IP routing silicon, will help T-Mobile to effectively enhance service capacity, scalability, and speed to market,” Federico Guillen, President of Network Infrastructure at Nokia, said.

T-Mobile’s commitment to network excellence was recently highlighted in its Speedtest Global Index Market Analysis United States Q4 2023 report. The report, leveraging tests from millions of real-world users, reaffirmed T-Mobile’s overall network and 5G performance. T-Mobile’s median download speeds were reported to be twice as fast as those of AT&T and Verizon, making it the carrier with the most consistent service and network speeds.


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