TRAI to impose stringent penalties on broadband providers violating QoS norms

Telecom Lead India: TRAI has invited stakeholder comments on draft amendment to Quality of Service of Broadband Service Regulations, 2006 on Financial Disincentives.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on Friday released a draft amendment to the Quality of Service of Broadband Service Regulations, 2006 (11 of 2006) on financial disincentives, and sought comments of stakeholders.

The TRAI regulations seek to prescribe a financial disincentive on Broadband Service providers for non-compliance with the benchmark of the Quality of Service Parameters at a rate not exceeding Rs 50,000 per parameter for the first non-compliance and Rs 100,000 per parameter for subsequent noncompliance of the benchmarks.

The regulations further provide for a deterrent against false or delayed reporting of the Quality of Service benchmarks.

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