UK broadband and mobile service: who’s meeting customer demands

Telecom regulator Ofcom revealed satisfaction level of customers from their broadband and mobile phone service providers in the U.K.
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Eight in ten broadband customers (80 percent) say they are satisfied with their service, while 15 percent have a reason to complain.

Virgin Media broadband customers are more likely than average to recommend their provider to a friend; and Virgin Media is the only provider with above-average customer satisfaction for broadband speeds.

TalkTalk customers are less likely to recommend their provider to a friend, and its overall satisfaction is below average. TalkTalk scores poorly on most customer service measures. Its customers are less satisfied with reliability, more likely to have a reason to complain, and less satisfied with how their complaints are handled.

Ofcom said satisfaction with complaints handling could be improved.

Sky and EE perform above average for how they handle complaints with around six in ten customers satisfied.

The amount of time people are kept waiting on the phone to customer service lines varies widely. Plusnet customers have to wait the longest – nearly eight minutes on average. EE customers wait the shortest amount of time to get through – only 48 seconds.


Nine in ten customers (91 percent) say they are satisfied with their mobile phone service, with just 4 percent having a reason to complain.

Tesco Mobile and giffgaff customers are more likely to recommend their provider to a friend.

Vodafone and Virgin Mobile are less likely to be recommended. These two companies score below average in a number of satisfaction rankings, particularly when it comes to handling complaints.

Tesco Mobile, giffgaff and EE score highly compared to the sector average across several measures of service quality, said Ofcom.