Astral Media deploys evolphin Software’s Zoom for Digital Asset Management

Telecom Lead America: Astral Media, a broadcaster in Canada, has deployed evolphin Software’s Zoom as its standard for Digital Asset Management (DAM).

Astral, which has content library of over 40TB, has selected evolphin Software’s Zoom to help its employees manage retrieval of television and related video files.

Montreal-based Astral Media produces dozens of video promos per week, and has seen its content library grow to more than one million files.

“evolphin’s team had a deep understanding of our creative process, and Zoom’s extensibility to adapt to our workflows was impressive — together a one-two punch that knocked out the competition,” said Dany Lefebvre, senior director of operations, Astral Media.

Astral benefited as Zoom’s DAM engine reduced file retrieval times 90 percent on average to milliseconds.

In addition, Astral benefits from Zoom 4.0’s project workflows and advanced project analytics, which together help them control the management and production of valuable digital assets — virtually eliminating delayed or over-budget projects.

Since adopting Zoom, Astral Media is better managing its data growth and, has achieved a reduction in data storage requirements that had previously been growing at 50 percent per year. Bandwidth utilization has also been reduced despite the fact that the demand for services is increasing.

Rahul Bhargava, founder and CTO of evolphin, said: “Astral Media exemplifies the kind of organization that prospers by using advanced asset management and versioning technology as an integrated component of its operations.”

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