Intelsat targets in-flight broadband business with FlexExec

Satellite communications company Intelsat has launched FlexExec to assist service providers to deliver in-flight broadband connectivity to business jets.
flight experienceFlexExec’s broadband services are accessible via Intelsat’s multi-layered Ku-band satellite fleet.

FlexExec is powered by Intelsat global network, which integrates layers of high-throughput satellite platform (HTS) coverage from the company’s Intelsat EpicNG fleet with the wide-beam satellites to deliver resiliency and redundancy.

“The flexibility, throughput and economies of scale of FlexExec enables service providers to differentiate their service offerings and meet the evolving streaming and broadband demands of their passengers over the long-term,” said Mark Rasmussen, Intelsat’s vice president and general manager, mobility.

Service providers will immediately gain operational efficiencies and be in a stronger position to simplify the inflight experience for flight departments.

The flexibility of the FlexExec platform enables Intelsat’s service providers to define their offerings for customers on an individual basis. It allows them to use bandwidth as they see fit and tailor services based on regional needs.

Service providers have the flexibility to optimize their service, differentiate their brand and deliver real value to their customers. The high-performance network also eliminates uneven service and gaps in coverage.

The Intelsat EpicNG platform utilizes Ku- band, wide beams, spot beams, and frequency reuse technology to provide customer benefits.

Intelsat EpicNG delivers high quality connectivity without loss in performance, and up to 15x more throughput per satellite. Multiple Intelsat EpicNGspot beams enable a high concentration of power on smaller areas supplying the much larger volumes of data that passengers are seeking, especially on the highest traffic aero routes.

Intelsat said FlexExec helps business jet broadband providers exceed the expectations of their client base because capacity is not shared with commercial aviation or consumer broadband customers.