Limelight Networks announces growth strategies for India

Limelight Networks, a provider of digital presence management solutions, announced its growth strategies for India. Bharti Airtel is one of its partners for CDN service.

As part of the expansion plans, Limelight Networks will look for channel partners and value added resellers to expand its market presence in India.

At present, Limelight Networks’ majority income comes from direct business. It works with major digital media companies such as Indian Express Group, Punjab Kesri, etc.

Andy Clark, vice president, APAC, Limelight Network, says the company’s solutions enabled Punjab Kesri, a leading daily in Hindi, to increase video page views to 21 million from 5 million.

Indian Express, a top daily in English, also benefitted from Limelight Networks digital presence management solutions. The website traffic of Indian Express has increased over 50 percent.

“To us the largest benefit of using Limelight’s solutions is the tremendous improvement in our user experience. We are not subject to security threats and we can maintain 100 percent uptime on our websites. Which means we can focus on adding additional features like picture galleries to our websites,” said Sanjeev Gera, business head — online, Indian Express Group.

Limelight expands in India

Limelight Network is also expanding its presence in the country by adding two more Point of Presence (PoPs) to Mumbai and Delhi next year from the present one in Chennai. Yesterday, it inaugurated its office in Mumbai to tap clients in the region. Besides Mumbai, Limelight Network has offices in Delhi and Bangalore.

“India is a major market for us. The size of the rich media content delivery market is hundreds of millions in the country. It is growing exponentially,” said Indu Kolukudar, COO, Limelight Network.

The company is betting on video demand in India driven by 4G, 3G and fixed broadband.

Globally, there will be 87 million smartphone video viewers in 2014. 44 percent of 18-22 age group rely social media. 78 percent of Internet users do product reviews before making a purchase decision.

India contributes around 4 percent revenue to Limelight Networks. Japan and Korea are the major contributors in the Asia Pacific region.

India expansion is happening a time when Limelight had a disappointing second quarter.

Limelight reported second quarter revenue of $42.8 million and an adjusted EBITDA loss of approximately $500,000.

Bob Lento, CEO, Limelight, earlier said the company is accelerating time to market for product releases, increasing network capacity, and driving sales efficiency.

The company, which invested $4.5 million as Capex (capital expenditures) in Q2, hopes that Orchestrate V2.will assist it to create an integrated and operationalized digital presence platform.

Baburajan K
[email protected]