Video equipments market growth revealed

With media companies in efforts to own their own video delivery technology, a need for agile services, preferably cloud-based are the requirements of current video market.

Video equipments will witness a 4 percent CAGR through 2021, with Managed Video Platforms (MVPs) targeting turnkey service offerings and delivering media & entertainment content for a 17 percent CAGR in the same period, as per ABI research.

With the value chain shifting within the video market causing hardware stagnation, traditional broadcast and network-adjacent video component use has declined.

Video delivery demands will follow strong growth patterns for Content Delivery Networks and service-based platforms, such that the void is closed.

Significant mergers and acquisition activity will enhance the shift towards video distribution ownership.

The acquisition of Anvato by Google, has led to enhancing competition between Google Cloud platform against Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Quickplay acquisition by AT&T signifies the move to Over the Top video services.

Video Direct self-service video platform by Amazon and NBC Sports Digital Playmaker Media expanded existing video distribution platforms to host wider content base.

Encoders and transcoders play a prominent role in moving from product to service and are a strong sector of the equipment space, with 14 percent CAGR by 2021.

Envivio acquisition by Ericsson and  Thomson Video Networks acquisition by Harmonic has reduced the number of standalone video delivery players in the encoding sector.

The video service provider market is moving forward with newer steps to stay competitive, concludes the research report.

Also, new video formats like 360-degree  video and interactive content tend to add to delivery complexity, with increased network requirements including reducing latency.

Hence appropriate mixing technology and service and entering into partnerships combining wholesale distribution with retail presence can pave way for enhanced market prospects.