Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham will host SecurIT-2012

Telecom Lead India: Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, a
multi-disciplinary teaching and research university, will host SecurIT-2012, an
International Conference on Security of Internet of Things in Kerala, India in
August 2012.


This is the first international conference on security of
internet of things in India.


With the advent of Internet of Things, there have been
advances in the areas of computing, communication and control systems. New
security threats have emerged with growth of cloud computing, smart phones,
internet enabled medical devices and smart energy control systems.


In the past, one of the key strategies for protection
control systems was to isolate them from other networks. But now that control
systems are being connected to the Internet, that approach may not work well
anymore. Currently the requirement is for a multi-tier security system,
combining protection for individual servers and applications with more powerful
access controls and network monitoring.


Tackling new security threats security and preserving societal concord requires experts
to rapidly develop defend & repair” techniques. There is a need for
holistic approaches to anchor integrating technical solutions in economics and
social bases.

SecurIT-2012 aims to bring together researchers, practitioners and security
experts for disseminating latest advances and best practices in security of mobile networks, cyber-physical control
systems, cloud based applications, healthcare services and other such important


Computer scientist Andrew Tanenbaum will chair the
Steering committee of the conference. Steering committee has co-inventor of the
Internet and TCP/IP i.e. Robert Kahn, John Mitchell, ACM Fellow, Stanford
University, Gene Tsudik, editor-in-chief, ACM Transactions on Information and
Systems Security, Gulshan Rai, director-general, Cert-In, Prashant Mahopatra,
IEEE Fellow, University of California, Davis.

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