CellStrat’s Mobile Apps Conclave in Bangalore

CellStrat is organizing Mobile Apps Conclave in Bangalore on April 29.

The speaker lineup and hot content on Mobile Apps and Web is fueling keen interest in this event. The
conference is expected to get a large number of executive and developer

The theme for this event is The Mobile Web Disruption Life, Media and Business get

In addition to Bangalore, the event organizers are entertaining dozens of
calls daily from places like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata,
Ahmedabad and Chennai, both from brands and senior management of companies as
well as the developer community.

CellStrat officials claim that apart from India,registration queries are also coming from abroad.

More than 250 blue-chip professionals are set to participate in this event on the hottest topic in
modern times Mobile Apps, App Stores and the Mobile Internet.

Most brands, mobile device
manufacturers, app store and app development firms are taking interest in this
event as everybody would like to know about the Business of Mobile Apps and

CellStrat is also organizing an interesting Mobile
Solutions Expo where some innovative app companies will be exhibiting their
apps and solutions. This Expo promises to dazzle the audience with some
interesting apps and solutions in Mobile

Pratapa Bernard – Vodafone
Group would keynote the event and would talk around how mobile web and apps
have become an integral part of consumer and enterprise strategy for businesses
of all hues as well as how consumers have taken onto the phones and tablets as
indispensable tools for their daily lives.

There are some interesting Keynotes and Panels planned for this event.

In the morning session, there will be a panel on Mobile Apps go mainstream Content, Engagement
and Lifestyle on Mobile Apps
“. This panel
will discuss the upcoming Mobile App revolution and how Content and
Entertainment is being delivered via Apps. All aspects of human life like
media, news and information, entertainment, connectivity and commerce are
getting Appified, or, in other words, getting an App front-end. Brands are
engaging consumers via Apps; Advertising industry is increasingly finding that
more and more ad budget is being allocated to Apps and Mobile Web. This panel
will also address the thorny issue of App Marketing and Monetization.

After the first panel, there will be a talk by InMobi (top Mobile Advertising firm) Management on how
Mobile Apps are influencing the Mobile Advertising streams, creating new
Business Models for Brands and Media to ride the bandwagon of Apps and Mobile
Web, all the way into customers’ hearts, minds and pocketbooks.

In the afternoon session, there will be a panel on innovations in Mobile Apps and Mobile Web. This panel
will discuss the specialized vertical Apps which are popping up in industries
like Payments and Commerce, Social Gaming, Healthcare and Education. Mobile
Payments is set to revolutionize how Commerce is conducted. Students and
Academia are preparing for Education on tablets and smartphones. Healthcare
industry is finding innovative uses of tablets and tablet apps in hospital and
clinical settings. The upcoming 3G rollouts in India are accelerating this
movement towards advanced Mobile Applications which need the high-speed
wireless connectivity and Anywhere, Anytime availability.

The afternoon session will also see a panel on Emerging Devices and Tablets. Advent of Apple iPad has
opened a whole new world of possibilities and truly heralds a world of post-PC
era. The Tablet proliferation is driving the hardware market into a delirium.
Technology Execs, Media Agencies, Film Makers, Content Producers, Hospital
Systems and Industrial Complexes are launching hundreds of pilot projects to
find new and innovative uses of the Mobile Tablet. Book and Magazine Publishers
are seeing their industry taken over by Tablets and Smartphones. Content Delivery
and Subscription Models are being digitized at a blistering pace.

By TelecomLead.com Team