Huawei deploys Service Quality Improvement solution commercially

Telecom Lead @ Mobile World Congress 2013: Huawei on Monday said its Service Quality Improvement (SQI) solution has been deployed commercially.

SQI, a component of Huawei’s SmartCare solution, improves average page download throughput of web browsing by 5.34 percent — as witnessed during the commercial deployment.

Huawei, says it SQI solution helps operators to establish a Key Quality Indicator (KQI) system and decrease streaming stall frequency by 9.2 percent, while data service throughput can be increased by 2 percent.

What is more, Huawei’s SQI solution improves users’ satisfaction with web browsing and streaming services.

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As the traditional network KPIs are no longer capable of accurately reflecting user experience for services, a big challenge for operators is how to collect accurate data on the user experience and improve service quality to increase user satisfaction.

Through Huawei’s unique algorithm and GENEX Nastar platform, SQI can do the root cause analysis accurately. SQI can provide the best optimization methods for QoS strategy to improve the service quality in tandem with cost efficiency and increase data service throughput.