SAP announces new deal for telecom segment

Telecom Lead @ Mobile World Congress 2013: SAP has shared its strategies for the telecom sector.

WIS TELECOM and SAP plan to create a leading IPX voice proposition that supports end-to-end quality to meet growing demand across the globe.

SAP’s alliance with WIS TELECOM is towards strengthening presence in the telecom sector. The agreement ALSO extends the SAP ecosystem for IPX globally.

John Sims, president, SAP Mobile Services, said: “Direct IPX routing of voice calls to remote regions brings demonstrable improvement of quality and cost transparency. With the roll-out of LTE networks and the launch of voice over LTE, moving to IPX is no longer a choice but a necessity.”

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SAP Mobile Services helps businesses process 1.8 billion messages per day, reaching more than 980 operators and 5.8 billion subscribers across 210 countries.

In another announcement, SAP said Qtel has integrated SAP Mobile Platform to enable MoneyGram money transfer through Qtel Mobile Money.

This expands the number of destinations Qtel customers can send money to via mobile devices, enabling Qtel to provide customers with the mobile money services required to reach almost any global destination.

Richard Morecroft, head of Mobile Money, Qtel, said: “With the ever-growing number of foreign workers living and working in Qatar, there is an increasing need for people to be able to transfer money safely and conveniently back home, at any time and from anywhere. SAP Mobile Platform provides us with the technology we need to service our customers in the most efficient way possible.”

SAP also launched cloud-based SAP Rich Communication Services 365 (SAP RCS 365) mobile service.

For mobile users , RCS makes services — instant messaging, video and file sharing — simple and intuitive, and enables operators to create new innovative services.

SAP claims that RCS 365 enables operators to quickly establish themselves in this evolving market, excite their subscribers with new IP-based messaging services and capitalize on the underlying value of their network.

To provide full RCS 5.1 capabilities, SAP selected Mavenir Systems, a provider of software-based networking solutions.

“Mavenir’s RCS 5 solution capitalizes on the operators’ core strengths of ubiquity, reliability and reach,” said Pardeep Kohli, president and CEO, Mavenir Systems.

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