Huawei and Nokia lost share in telecom network market

The latest report from Dell’Oro Group indicates the share of Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia, ZTE, Cisco, Ciena and Samsung in the telecom network market during the first half of 2021.
Telecom equipment market revenue H1 2021Ericsson, ZTE, Cisco, Ciena and Samsung have increased their share in the global telecom network market in the first half.

Huawei and Nokia have lost share in the telecom network market.

The chart indicates that Ericsson has moved to the second position beating Nokia. Samsung has moved to sixth position beating Ciena.

Telecommunications infrastructure market covered by Dell’Oro Group includes Broadband Access, Microwave & Optical Transport, Mobile Core & Radio Access Network (RAN), SP Router & Switch.

Telecom equipment market increased 10 percent during 1H21 and 5 percent in the quarter, down from 16 percent in the first quarter. The growth in the first half was primarily driven by strong demand for both wireless and wireline equipment.

The overall telecom equipment market recorded a fifth consecutive quarter of growth in the second quarter.

The improved market sentiment in the first half was relatively broad-based, underpinned by single-digit growth in SP Routers and double-digit advancements in Broadband Access, Microwave Transport, Mobile Core Networks, and RAN.

Efforts by the US government to curb supply to Huawei are starting to show in the numbers outside of China, not just for RAN but in other areas as well.

Though Huawei is not able to procure custom ASICs for its telecom products, the supplier is assuring the analyst community its current inventory levels is not a concern over the near term for its infrastructure business.

The majority of the vendors have through proactive measures been able to navigate the ongoing supply chain shortages and minimize the infrastructure impact. The supply constraints appear more pronounced with higher volume residential and enterprise products including CPE and WLAN endpoints.

The overall telecom equipment market is projected to advance 5 percent to 10 percent for the full-year 2021.