A10 Networks introduces new trial version of SoftAX

Telecom Lead America: A10 Networks, a technology provider
for Application Networking, has introduced a new trial version of
its SoftAX virtual machine, a software-based AX Series Application
Delivery Controller (ADC).

The ADC comes with the full range of Layer 4-7 load
balancing, application acceleration and security features. It helps customers
and cloud providers to rapidly build cloud environments and deploy as needed
based on demand.


 Lee Chen, founder and CEO for A10 Networks, said
that the new automated SoftAX trial version introduces AX solutions to a much
wider audience, in tandem with the company’s open community web site, which
provides customers and partners with additional technical knowledge.


SoftAX allows customers reduce hardware costs, deliver on
data center consolidation initiatives and gain the flexibility to deploy to
compatible Cloud Computing providers.


The company claims that SoftAX can be installed on commodity
hardware atop a hypervisor in less than 10 minutes.


The trial version of SoftAX enables up to 5 Mbps of
bandwidth for 30 days of testing and can be upgraded to a full production copy
at any time.


With this trial version, bandwidth can be increased with
“pay-as-you-grow” model, up to 8 Gbps. The trial version is certified
for and by VMware, Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Microsoft
Lync 2010.


The company claims that the trial version can be deployed
in under 10 minutes with no human interaction to download and license required.


The trial version is upgradable to full-featured version
with the latest cod.


The company has enabled universal access to its online
community portal, the Virtual Application Delivery Community, which is also
known as the Virtual ADC.


Jim Metzler of Ashton Metzler& Associates
said that access to virtual editions and community sites such as A10’s SoftAX
and Virtual ADC ensure a healthy ecosystem for vendors and customers alike.


A10 Networks enhances data center efficiency with AX 3200-12
and AX 3400 ADCs


In January this year, A10 Networks unveiled two new
64-bit models in its AX Series ADC family, the AX 3200-12 and AX 3400.


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