Active Broadband Networks to showcase its new subscriber control platform at the Cable Show

Telecom Lead America: Active Broadband Networks, a
supplier of operations support systems (OSS) for broadband providers will
demonstrate its Active Content Manager at The Cable Show.


“Internet-based, over-the-top video delivery
presents broadband providers with monetization and quality of experience
challenges. The Active Content Manager satisfies critical subscriber service
management requirements for the profitable delivery of premium video content
over managed private IP networks,” said Adam Dunstan, president and CEO of
Active Broadband Networks.


The company launched its Active Content Manager in the
month of March 2012.


Active Broadband Networks unveils subscriber control platform


The Active Content Manager is a policy-based IP video
service management solution that enables broadband providers to monetize IP
video, track usage and assure subscriber quality of experience.


The company said that its ACM uses the subscriber data
management and dynamic service control functions of Active Broadband
Networks’ Active Resource Manager Platform.


Furthermore, the manager identifies content and tracks
usage on a per subscriber basis for monetization, and matches broadband
connection capacity with video streaming rates.


The Active Content Manager is part of Active Broadband
Networks’ Dynamic Broadband Service Manager (DBSM), an integrated, turnkey,
next-generation operations support system that can span multiple broadband
access networks, including DOCSIS, DSL, FTTH, Wi-Fi, WiMAX and 3G/4G mobile.


It features a web-based subscriber self-service platform
with a portal for usage monitoring and merchant processing of on-demand service
transactions. The DBSM also supports policy-based service and traffic
management, enabling service providers to dynamically manage broadband usage
tiers and quotas.


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