Agilent Technologies frequency converter measurement solution eliminates reference and calibration mixers

Agilent Technologies announced the launch of a frequency converter measurement capability for its PNA and PNA-X Series network analyzers.
The new capability enables engineers to have an easier way to characterize mixers and frequency converters up to 67 GHz.
The PNA-X Series is providing complete linear and nonlinear component characterization in a single instrument with a single set of connections.
Agilent’s new frequency converter measurement solution allows engineers to measure the magnitude-, phase- and absolute-group-delay response of mixers and frequency converters with high accuracy, without having to use a reference or calibration mixer.
This simplifies frequency-translation measurements by eliminating the need to find reference and calibration mixers that match the frequency conversion plan of the device under test, which can be especially difficult above 26.5 GHz. Measurements can be done on devices requiring external local
oscillator signals, or those with local oscillators that are not locked to the system’s 10-MHz reference.

The new method eliminates the reference mixer by performing ratios of single-receiver phase measurements at the device’s input and output frequencies. This technique relies on the inherent phase coherency of the fractional-N-based synthesis architecture used in the PNA and PNA-X’s sources.

Elimination of the calibration mixer is achieved by a new calibration method that uses a harmonic comb generator as a broadband phase-calibration standard. The phase-calibration data combines with magnitude-calibration data derived from a power meter to completely calibrate the test instrument over its full frequency range.

Agilent Technologies recently announced that its N6070A-Series Signaling Conformance Test Solution for LTE on the E6621A PXT Wireless Communications Test Set has met the industry’s Test
Platform Approval Criteria (TPAC).
The Agilent N6070A series gives users the ability to download regular software updates that incorporate the latest protocol test cases developed by European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) for the Global Certification Forum (GCF) and PTCRB.
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