Akamai launches Aqua Mobile Accelerator for mobile websites and applications

Telecom Lead America: Akamai Technologies has launched
Aqua Mobile Accelerator, a new service designed to assist online businesses to
offer better user experience for mobile websites and applications.

Aqua Mobile Accelerator benefits from the Akamai
Intelligent Platform, a distributed cloud platform that pulls and caches fresh
content from web servers and mobile app data interfaces onto servers. 

Dynamic Internet mapping directs user requests for mobile
application data and websites to an optimal Akamai Edge server near a gateway
node. Through Internet route optimization the fastest path back to the data
center serving dynamic and interactive content to mobile users is identified.

“Businesses of all types are using mobile sites and
applications to improve engagement and reach audiences anywhere and at any
time. Aqua Mobile Accelerator provides these businesses a way to offer their
users a consistent, high quality experience, which leads to greater
satisfaction and reduced abandonment,” said Pedro Santos, vice president, Mobile
Business, Akamai.

It is a significant launch as high degrees of latency can
cause delays, hung websites and applications and other issues that can degrade
the user experience and negatively impact adoption and brand

“Mobile devices, which have limited computing power
and are connected to networks that often have high and unpredictable latencies,
present a particular challenge, driving increasing market interest in optimization
technologies, whether applied to mobile content and applications, or mobile
networks,” said Lydia Leong, research vice president, Gartner.

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