Akamai to present real-time view of IPv6 traffic


Akamai Technologies is planning to provide a real-time
data visualization of IPv6 Web traffic served from its global platform
during  “World IPv6 Day” on June 8th. 


To be available at, the
Akamai visualization is designed to show the pattern of traffic served during
the 24-hour period.


Akamai will be opening up its IPv6 offerings to all
interested customers over the course of the coming year.  Networks with
native IPv6 are invited to speak with Akamai to have IPv6 configured in their


With a rapidly growing shortage in available IPv4
addresses, World IPv6 Day serves as a reminder that online businesses must act
quickly to transition to IPv6 or risk increased costs and limited functionality
for Internet users around the globe. 


Akamai has joined the Internet Society, and other
Internet businesses, to encourage preparation and planning for the transition
to IPv6.  Akamai’s participation includes IPv6-enabling,
as well as supporting over 30 customers from around the globe that have opted
in to Akamai’s IPv6 technology platform.


“Akamai’s role in the deployment of IPv6 is critical
to its customers,” said Mark Townsley, Cisco Distinguished Engineer and
former Internet Area Director for the IETF.  “Online for over 25
years, is one of the more sophisticated websites Akamai serves today.  Cisco and
Akamai worked closely to tailor a solution that met our needs for World IPv6
Day, and we are confident that the largest global test-drive of IPv6 ever
performed will be an important milestone towards the adoption of IPv6



GREE a mobile social gaming
platform in Japan, is leveraging Akamai to begin its transition to IPv6. 



“Like other SNS service providers, GREE acknowledges
the challenges of IPv4 addresses running out and the importance of securing
interconnectivity and interoperability with IPv6 clients,” said Masaki
Inoue, director of Infrastructure, Platform Development GREE.



“The Akamai platform maximizes traffic offload and
site performance by intelligently selecting optimum routes for IPv6 access
using Akamai’s route optimization technology.  Through implementation of
IPv6 interconnectivity testing and verification with Akamai, GREE has a solid
understanding of the effectiveness of the Akamai network and the intelligence
that it can bring to support a complex IPv4/v6 mixed Internet
environment,” Inoue added.



“Akamai is committed to helping our customers and
network partners with a smooth transition to IPv6,” said Andy Champagne,
vice president of Engineering at Akamai.  “IPv6 adoption is still in
its beginning stages, but we believe that early planning and testing are
critical for all Internet businesses.  Our data visualization tool is
designed to serve as a representative view into the early adoption of this



By TelecomLead.com Team
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