Anite to provide 12 Nemo Invex benchmarking platforms for OSIPTEL

Wireless network testing supplier Anite will provide 12 Nemo Invex benchmarking platforms for OSIPTEL, a supervisory agency for private investment in telecom sector in Peru.

The Peru Government will use the equipment to verify the performance of cellular operators in the country. With the latest addition of the benchmarking equipment deal in Latin America, Anite now supplies solutions to nearly half of the telecom regulators in South America.

Anite awarded contract for multiple benchmarking solutions

In fact, five years ago OSIPTEL purchased the first generation Nemo Invex platform.

OSIPTEL will use the products to verify and benchmark national operators’ service levels, ensuring that the 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks meet the set national standards.

Nemo Invex is a mobile benchmarking, measurement, and optimization system combining powerful intuitive software and scalable military grade hardware designed to create a superior benchmarking solution for wireless broadband networks, said Anite.

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