Anritsu BERTWave MP2110A sampling oscilloscope adds new features

Anritsu BERTWave MP2110A Sampling Oscilloscope
Anritsu president Hirokazu Hashimoto announced the release of three new Clock Recovery, PAM4 Analysis, and Jitter Analysis options to upgrade the functions of its BERTWave MP2110A Sampling Oscilloscope for manufacturing and inspecting optical modules and devices.

Anritsu, a leading test and measurement company, said it will be targeting markets for PHY layer performance evaluation for optical modules and active optical cables and optical device for manufacturing and inspection of optical modules and optical devices.

Addition of three new functions supports clock recovery, jitter analysis, and PAM4 analysis using the all-in-one MP2110A. Each of these new options can be retrofitted at any time to the MP2110A.

Option-095 PAM4 analysis software supports measurements required for evaluating PAM4 optical signals, such as TDECQ. Engineers will benefit from less complex settings and easy capture of measurement results.

Anritsu said low noise at 3.4 µW typ. supports high-reproducibility measurements even with small EYE margin PAM4 signals.

In addition, high-speed sampling shortens time for collecting data required for TDECQ analysis, while reducing measurement time helps improve productivity at PAM4 signal evaluation.

Option-054 clock recovery (Electrical/Optical) recovers the trigger signal required by the sampling oscilloscope from the input data signal. It can be used for monitoring waveforms, such as for transmission equipment without a clock source.

Built-in design supports easy and low cost measurement system configuration without complex cabling. It supports recovery of both NRZ and PAM4 clocks to help cut equipment costs. It also cuts losses due to MP2110A internal dividers to minimize impact on sensitivity, which is especially useful for high-sensitivity monitoring of PAM signals.

Option-096 jitter analysis software supports separate analysis of different Jitter components, such as TJ, DJ, RJ, etc. It supports fast and easy measurements required by J2, J9, etc., manufacturing inspection (EYE Mode) and detailed DJ analysis. Anritsu claims that support for simultaneous Jitter analysis and EYE Mask tests to shorten measurement time for engineers.