Anritsu establishes leadership position in LTE protocol conformance test cases

Anritsu Corporation announced that it offered more protocol conformance test cases for LTE terminal equipment than any other test system vendor at last week’s Global Certification Forum (GCF) meeting.
Manufacturers of components for LTE terminals and of the terminals themselves, as well as LTE network operators, need to prove their devices conform to the 3GPP LTE specifications on the various frequency bands used around the world. To enable this, they are relying on test equipment vendors to develop comprehensive suites of validated protocol test cases.
“Any LTE terminal equipment manufacturer or network operator who wants to successfully speed time to market with LTE products or services can have total confidence in Anritsu as its partner for test programs. Not only is Anritsu leading the industry in coverage of protocol and RF conformance test cases, we also have outstanding expertise, so that we can help our customers be successful in their implementation of our test equipment,” said Mike Lee, director of R&D at Anritsu.

At the latest quarterly GCF meeting in London, which ended on October, 21, Anritsu submitted a record number of new protocol test cases, and now has more validated protocol conformance test cases across all bands than any other test equipment vendor. Anritsu already offered more RF conformance test cases for LTE than any other test equipment vendor, and continues this area of
Anritsu’s LTE protocol test cases are written for the ME7834 mobile device test platform, which is based on the proven MD8430A (LTE) and MD8480C (UTRAN/GERAN) signaling testers.
Anritsu now has the most validated protocol test cases in Band 1, Band 4, Band 5, Band 13, and Band 20. These bands are deployed by major operators in North America, Europe, Japan and Korea.
At the same GCF meeting, Anritsu’s LTE RF conformance test system, the ME7873L, also became the first to gain 80 percent validation for Band 5. In addition, it became the world’s first test platform to gain approval for RF test cases for Bands 11 and 18. Anritsu now has more validated RF/RRM test
cases in both Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) and Time Division Duplex (TDD) technologies than any other test equipment manufacturer.

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