ANX and OpSource to offer thorough unified threat management to cloud computing users

ANX, a provider of managed security, compliance and
connectivity solutions, and OpSource, joined forces to help enterprises extend
cloud-based resources more securely and efficiently.

OpSource clients can deploy cloud-based solutions with
ANX Secure Cloud Access, a managed service for user-to-cloud connections that
completely secures all endpoints, eliminating access security concerns often
associated with cloud computing.

As part of the partnership, ANX
becomes a Validated Cloud Solution provider. Industry analysts widely expect the market for cloud
computing services to grow exponentially, with some analysts forecasting annual
revenues of approximately $150 billion within a few years.

A Harris Interactive survey of IT managers, however,
found that security concerns are a barrier to cloud computing adoption, with 76
percent believing that information is more secure when stored on-premises
rather than with a vendor, and 81 percent concerned about maintaining
regulatory compliance if they were to store sensitive data in the cloud.
Endpoint security is a major element of those concerns, as any insufficiently
secured endpoint leaves the cloud provider, application and customer at risk.

Offering more than traditional cloud and hosting
services, OpSource provides the integration, engineering, marketing and sales
support required to launch and scale cloud-based solutions. Together, OpSource
and ANX address IT organizations’ concerns about security in the cloud.

In addition to handling all elements associated with
establishing and making connections, ANX Secure Cloud Access delivers VPN,
IPS/IDS, encryption, SIEM, identity management and access control, completely
securing the virtual private cloud (VPC) across all endpoints. Clients can
connect VPC resources directly to their own data centers via their choice of
industry-standard encrypted VPN connections or MPLS network.

“Our partnership with OpSource enables customers who
already benefit from an exceptional cloud infrastructure to also rapidly deploy
and access cloud resources with the highest level of endpoint security,”
said Paul Arceneaux, chief marketing officer, ANX.

OpSource’s Validated Cloud Solutions Program offers
end-users the assurance that its Partners’ cloud-based applications or
platforms operate efficiently on the OpSource Cloud, with solutions tested and
validated by both OpSource and the Partner.

“In combination with ANX, OpSource can offer its
clients an integrated offering that provides IT departments with the level of
security and control needed to confidently place mission-critical applications
in the cloud,” said Jon Beck, SVP of Channels and Alliances, at OpSource.

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