AP Telecom selects Guam Telecom’s Network Operations Center for Asia-Pacific


AP Telecom, a facilities-based telecom consulting and
service company specializing in emerging markets, announced a partnership with
full-service communications company Guam Telecom (GTA) to monitor AP Telecom’s
rapidly expanding data and voice traffic in the Asia-Pacific region.


AP Telecom selected GTA NOC service to monitor its data
and voice traffic based on the company’s proven ability of providing
world-class support to U.S. and regional carriers.  


GTA’s Disaster Recovery capability also delivers AP
Telecom increased assurance of traffic continuity for their next generation low
latency network. GTA’s proven experience and reliability, including its
location’s lower exposure to regional seismic events, provide strategic
advantages for AP Telecom’s regional Pan-Asian traffic and Trans-Pacific


“This strategic partnership with GTA to monitor our
mission critical data and voice traffic offers key assurances that our
customers demand and adds to the momentum we have achieved since launching
earlier this year,” said Alfred Wong, chief technical officer of AP


“We are very excited to partner with AP Telecom and
believe this relationship will prove to have a lasting impact on the world of
telecommunications. AP Telecom’s rapid regional success and global expansion
plans are an excellent fit with GTA’s world class NOC and Disaster Recovery
service offering,” said Roland Certeza, executive vice president of Sales
and Marketing of Guam Telecom.


This announcement follows a string of milestone
achievements for AP Telecom since its launch in Q1 of 2011. Over the past eight months, the company
has grown its client roster, including call centers, BPOs and ISPs worldwide.


The company expanded its international customer base and
global presence by providing services in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland and
South Africa, and appointing industry veterans from international countries to
its executive advisory board.


The company has experienced a significant increase in
traffic, including a diverse GIG-E managed wavelength of data customer and core
traffic for global low latency traffic running on the AP Telecom Network from
Asia to the United States.


Additionally, AP Telecom has seen its live voice traffic
increase to approximately 30 million voice minutes per month and is currently
on track for 350 million annually.


Last month AP Telecom announced several of the milestone
achievements read more on  AP Telecom announces new achievements.”


AP Telecom announced
several of the milestone achievements the company has reached since its launch
in January 2011.


Since launch, AP Telecom has gained several new customers,
including call centers, BPOs, and ISPs from all over the world such as Guam
Telecom, Wharf T&T, Global Telecom Solutions and an Indonesian carrier,
among several others.  


By Telecomlead.com Team
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