Argentina Telecom Market to Grow $10.6 Billion in 2011

Telecom market in Argentina grew by 18 percent in 2010. Sales are expected to reach more than AR$44 billion ($10.6 billion) in 2011.

As in other Latin American countries, fixed-line revenues account for a decreasing portion of total telecom revenues, while the share of mobile and data/Internet revenues continues to rise. Argentina has adopted a single licence system, which telecom companies must obtain regardless of the services they wish to provide.

Operators must list in their licence applications which services they wish to offer, but can at any time register for additional ones. Regulatory framework in Argentina  encourages competition and supports smaller telecom players, according to a researchandmarkets report.

Both fixed and mobile Number Portability is scheduled for implementation in December 2011. This report provides an overview of Argentina’s telecom sector and regulatory environment, accompanied by statistical data, analyses, and outlook.

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