Australian Telehealth launches video consultation in pact with BCS Global and Vidyo

Australian Telehealth Network (ATN) has launched video
consultation services in association with BCS Global Networks and Vidyo.

The ATN service was energized by the Commonwealth
Government’s $620 million Telehealth initiative aimed at increasing the uptake
of telehealth among physician and aged care providers and physicians and
hospitals in remote and regional Australia.

ATN brings together aged care providers, general
practitioners and specialists into one network, facilitating virtual
face-to-face sharing of expertise and information from within the Australian
network. In 2012, it is planned for the service to be launched in New Zealand
as a way of growing the power and influence of the network.

The partnership was established to provide Australian
aged care providers and physicians with the world’s best and most economical
video conferencing technology. ATN’s partnership with cost effective video
conference technology allows us to provide a cash flow positive service to aged
care providers and physicians right from day one taking into account the
Government’s $6,000 On-Board Incentive to assist the set-up of telehealth,”
said Mark Barnett, executive director of ATN.

The BCS Global managed video service enables ATN to
provide a reliable and secure visual collaboration platform for patients,
nurses, doctors and healthcare providers. Users of the service have the ability
to conduct telepresence-quality face-to-face interactions anytime, anywhere
over the Internet using existing laptops, smart-phones or tablets – making it a
very affordable solution for patients and health care providers.

  The inclusion of video collaboration adds a new
paradigm to telehealth; but also poses challenges around usability, support,
reliability, security and interoperability. Leveraging on the partnership with
Vidyo, BCS Global offers a cloud-based managed video collaboration service that
addresses all these challenges and offers a world class service that delivers a
superior user experience that is easy-to-use, reliable and supported 24×7
globally,” said Clive Sawkins, CEO at BCS Global.

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