BigBand announces AT&T deployment of local advertising solution


BigBand Networks announced that AT&T Services is
starting to deploy the BigBand Media Services Platform (MSP) as part of
AT&T U-verse TV’s local ad insertion solution. BigBand expects
AT&T to become a material customer for the first time in the second half of


The BigBand MSP-based advertising solution can help operators increase advertising revenues
by supporting specific markets via the preparation and splicing of local ads
into national program feeds.


BigBand recently announced that its advertising solutions
supported over one billion ad transactions in the last year for North American
cable operators.


The MSP was built from the ground up to provide media
processing, such as local area ad insertion, on a scalable and flexible
platform. Our vision and platform approach enable services providers to deliver
differentiated, highly personalized services,” said Paul Crann, senior vice
president, Product Line Management, BigBand Networks.


As digital advertising models continue to evolve, we
will endeavor to build new, innovative products that can capture new revenue streams
for our service provider customers, while opening up a large market opportunity
for BigBand,” Crann added.


The BigBand MSP-based advertising solution enables
service providers to maximize advertising revenues while minimizing operational


The solution includes the preparation and transcoding of
ad assets, ad splicing into linear TV streams, event reporting to traffic and
billing systems, and management using BigBand’s Video Management System
software. Furthermore, the solution operates completely within the digital
domain and seamlessly splices ads into streams encrypted for a variety of
network environments.


This reduces the cost and complexity associated with ad
insertion since decrypting, splicing, and re-encrypting are no longer required.


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