BillingTree and Solutions by Text in pact for text messaging for billing and payments

By Telecom
Lead Team:
BillingTree, an on-demand payment processor, and Solutions by Text
have teamed up for an initiative to enable utilities and billers to experience
the value of text messaging for bill presentment and payment authorization.


The initiative
will allow utilities and billers to quickly test alternative uses of SMS
alerts, for example service outage information.


As part of the
initiative, Solutions by Text will enable utilities and other direct billers to
set up a text-based service using a simple 4 stage implementation strategy.


Solutions by
Text also offer a portfolio of business templates to enable billing
organizations to build a message bank of appropriate text messages.


to CTIA figures, in the last 5 years texting in the US has increased to 6.2
billion text messages sent each day and it is now one of the preferred means of
communication for many of our utilities customers. This offers real
opportunities for utilities and billers to use modern communications to improve
their DSO and, at the same time, provide better service to their users,”
said Art Coutcher, Utilities Sales Manager at BillingTree.


For utilities
and billers adopting the offer by March 30, 2012, Solutions by Text will
waive its standard SMS set up fee, and waive the monthly fee for the first 90


now many utilities have been deterred by the complexity of setting up ‘Best Practice’
messaging solutions. It is because of this that we have introduced the 4 stage
implementation strategy which condenses our many years’ experience into a very
simple procedure which ensures compliance with the various regulations
governing the process,” said Mike Cantrell, president of Solutions by


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