BT bags a 3-year extension to IT outsourcing deal from Unilever

BT has bagged a three year extension to its IT outsourcing contract with Unilever.

This is the third IT contract extension given to BT since BT first won its first deal with the consumer goods company in November 2002.

“The innovative use of technology is helping us increase productivity by making our workforce more connected. We are becoming a more agile business and introducing more sustainable ways of working for our employees, customers and suppliers, as well as the two billion consumers who rely on our products every day,” said Paulo De Sa, VP Infrastructure Services, Unilever.

Luis Alvarez BT

BT provides innovative network services and solutions which are helping Unilever to grow its business more efficiently and sustainably.

Unilever will try to achieve its plans to grow its business, while reducing its environmental footprint and increasing its social impact.

BT delivers an integrated network providing voice, data, video and mobility services to the company’s 173,000 employees across nearly 100 countries.

In addition, BT is delivering audio-conferencing and video-conferencing. BT’s audio and video conferencing is helping Unilever reduce travel spend, increase productivity and efficiency and drive down costs. It also reduces its CO2 emissions and its overall impact on the environment, a key objective of the company’s sustainability ambitions.

“The deal will also help us deliver BT’s Net Good goal to help our customers save three times as much carbon as the end-to-end impact of our business by 2020, a key part of our Better Future program,” said Luis Alvarez, chief executive officer, BT Global Services.

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