BT deploys Alcatel-Lucent Motive Customer Experience Solutions

Telecom Lead Europe: BT has extended the contract to use Alcatel-Lucent’s portfolio of Motive Customer Experience Solutions as a further measure to strengthen its customer service capabilities by using a new set of data collection and management solutions in its broadband and IPTV support departments.

Motive Customer Experience Solutions has already helped BT support significant improvements to the care and support functions BT offers its millions of broadband customers, the company said. These improvements include increased ‘first call resolution’, which tracks the company’s responsiveness the first time a customer calls, as well as a reduced need overall for calls to the help desk.
Under a four-year contract extension with Alcatel-Lucent, BT will upgrade its suite of Motive Customer Experience Solutions with latest-version software to support new features, and will deploy the new Motive Data Collection Manager (DCM), which is used to track the performance of the rapidly proliferating number of communication devices in peoples’ homes.

The data is then made available to BT’s customer service teams – safely and securely – so they can proactively manage how the network and devices perform, ensuring a better overall experience for BT customers.

Alcatel-Lucent’s DCM is an integral part of the company’s Motive Customer Experience Solutions (CXS) portfolio. The Motive CXS portfolio helps service providers forge stronger and more valuable customer relationships and foster long-lasting brand loyalty by building customer-focused improvements into their products and services.

The addition of Motive DCM to BT’s toolkit will not only make it easier to manage customers’ devices remotely, but also will provide tools to help customers with self-service capabilities. For BT, the solution provides the business benefits associated with self-service in a format that can be integrated with its existing business processes.
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