Business Only Broadband provide internet service to Holland Bulb Farms

Telecom Lead Europe:  Business Only Broadband is
providing internet service to Holland Bulb Farms, which is one of the
first customers of BOB in the Milwaukee metropolitan area.

“We provided a very unique broadband
solution that allowed Holland Farms to complement its current terrestrial
Internet provider with our fixed wireless broadband service using our
fully-managed Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) router offering,” said VP of
Sales Jon Procunier, of Business Only Broadband.

The company is providing Holland Bulb Farms with
PublicCONNECT and RouterCONNECT services.

Holland Bulb Farms said that they were looking to beef up
their network infrastructure and gain 100 percent connectivity uptime for our
e-commerce sites.

BOB reached out to us at the right time and we are very
satisfied with the multi-homed connection they’ve been able to provide to us.
They have gone ‘above and beyond’ in working with our existing Internet service
provider to get everything up and running. We’ve experienced minimal downtime
in the past few years and our hope in signing up for BOB’s service is to bring
that number down to zero,” said Nicholas Sideras, director of IT and web
development at Holland Bulb Farms.


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