CES 2012: Toshiba launches new TransferJet wireless LSI

Toshiba America Electronic Components (TAEC) announced
the launch of its wireless LSI compliant with the TransferJet standard for
high-speed wireless data transfer. 


The TransferJet LSI enables fast, close proximity exchange
of multimedia files between consumer electronics devices. Toshiba, a
member of the TransferJet Consortium, will host technology demonstrations
featuring tablets, laptops and smartphones running the company’s TransferJet
LSI at CES, January 10 to 13, 2012.


The Toshiba TransferJet LSI is a single-chip solution
that uses an RF-CMOS manufacturing process to support both RF and digital
functionality in one chip. Having a complete TransferJet solution in one chip
reduces power consumption and design footprint; key areas of concern for
customers designing battery-powered, small form factor consumer electronics


Toshiba TransferJet LSI has a receiving sensitivity of
-78dBm, which far exceeds the TransferJet specification and contributed to the
device’s range and stability.


“The proliferation of mobile broadband and consumer
electronics devices with lots of storage has enabled consumers to take their
movies, music and photos anywhere.  But moving that content between
devices can be a tedious process involving cables or confusing Bluetooth or
Wi-Fi configurations,” said Andrew Burt, vice president, Analog and Imaging Business Unit, System LSI Group, Toshiba America Electronic Components.


TransferJet removes these complications, letting
consumers simply place devices next to each other to securely transfer large
multimedia files in seconds.  Our TransferJet LSI will let OEMs add this
functionality to their devices with minimal effect on their device’s size or
power consumption,” Burt added.


The Toshiba TransferJet LSI is now available, priced at
$5 per unit in sample quantities.


By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]