ChaCha offers Mobile Answers Service in UK


ChaCha, the real-time Q&A service on mobile phones,
announced that its standard rate service is available to UK residents who can
now text any and all questions to ChaCha’s short code at 85852 and receive a
personalized answer.


Users are charged only standard network text rates when
asking ChaCha a question, but unlike any other mobile short code Q&A or
directory services that charge premium rates as high as £1.50 per answer,
ChaCha’s answers are always free.


Providing incredible value for the money, ChaCha offers a
tremendous savings over existing Q&A services which means UK subscribers
can ask more questions, more frequently, for significantly less cost.


By texting ChaCha at 85852, users are able to discover
succinct, definitive answers to a limitless array of questions straightaway,
whether factual or conversational.


Started in the USA in 2008, ChaCha’s free text Q&A
service swiftly became a trusted source to millions of monthly mobile users who
have now asked nearly 2 billion questions at a rate of 3 million per day,
making ChaCha the #1 way to get answers.

ChaCha is able to answer this multitude of questions
through its unique mixture of cutting-edge technology combined with more than
60,000 highly trained human “Guides” who are tech-savvy Web-based


To provide the best quality localised experience for its
new UK users, ChaCha has been rapidly recruiting specialised UK-based guides.
Interested UK residents can visit ChaCha’s guide recruiting site to learn more
about ChaCha’s top-rated flexible remote working opportunities.


Leading global mobile transaction hub OpenMarket has
partnered with ChaCha to enable free SMS delivery of answers to mobile phones
in the UK when users text questions to 85852 at standard network rate. This new
endeavor expands on ChaCha and OpenMarket’s successful North American



The viral growth and mass appeal ChaCha
has achieved in the US market has been phenomenal to witness,” said Alex Moir,
general manager, OpenMarket UK and EU.


OpenMarket is proud to be ChaCha’s strategic partner as
they introduce their exceptional service to UK mobile subscribers, and looks
forward to supporting ChaCha as they continue to expand to new markets across
the globe,” Moir added.


The UK is known for its very clever and active mobile
population, and the ChaCha team is anxious to show this new audience why we’ve
become the world’s #1 real-time mobile Q&A service,” said Scott A. Jones,
CEO, ChaCha.



Our unique blend of technology and human intelligence
has allowed ChaCha to construct a one-of-a-kind system for answering natural
language questions very quickly and cost-effectively without sacrificing
quality. Launching in the UK is an exciting and important milestone in
achieving ChaCha’s long-term plans for broad global expansion,” Jones added.


ChaCha’s newly launched UK service is available by
texting 85852 on over 99 percent of feature phones and smartphones across major
UK mobile networks including Everything Everywhere (Orange and T-Mobile), O2,
Three (3), Virgin Mobile and Vodafone as well as all approved network resellers
such as Tesco.


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