China Mobile uses EXFO solution for IoT test

EXFO LTB-1-FTB-1750_1China Mobile has utilized EXFO’s test solution to conduct performance verification test for the core networks from 4 major tech vendors.

The IoT test confirmed that these NFV-based networks can individually support 5 million narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) devices.

Since NB-IoT specification got ratified in June 2016, communication service providers are upgrading their network by deploying additional features to add capacity to handle Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

EXFO competes with testing solutions companies such as Keysight Technologies, Viavi Solutions, Anritsu Company, among others.

Since the handling of the IoT traffic is different from the mobile broadband or VoLTE traffic, mobile operators rely on test and measurement companies to validate the equipment and the network to ensure that they deliver the quality of experience expected by end users while avoiding costly post-deployment faults.

China Mobile preferred EXFO’s test solution due to three reasons:

EXFO’s test solution has the capacity to simulate millions of IoT devices on one single server, keeping network configuration simple.

EXFO’s test solution has the ability to adapt to rapidly evolving specifications and specific requirements.

EXFO’s test solution covers the network from end to end, including focus on individual nodes.

“Through our local presence, we were able to deliver quick turnaround times to adapt to CMCC’s specific requirements. Our test solutions come with unmatched flexibility giving them an edge in today’s rapidly transforming telecom landscape,” said Claudio Mazzuca, EXFO’s Vice-President, Systems and Analytics.

EXFO said it delivers comprehensive solutions for the validation of 2G/3G/4G/5G networks and equipment for all kinds of services. These test solutions are also future-proofed to verify unique services for upcoming 5G networks.

Meanwhile, Huawei has completed a 5G core network technical verification test at China Mobile’s Research Institute showing that Huawei’s 5G core network complies with the latest 5G standard architecture and can serve as a foundation for the future large-scale commercial use of 5G.

Huawei recently said it would use the CloudFabric solution to help China Mobile to build a private cloud resource pool for data centers in Hohhot and Harbin. The Hohhot and Harbin data centers are now ready to support China Mobile’s plan for expanding its private cloud resource pools.