China Telecom 3G 4G subscribers reach 137 million

China Telecom 3G subscriber base
China Telecom today said its 3G / 4G subscribers reached approximately 137 million, representing an addition of 18.18 million in the first nine months of 2015.

The Chinese telecom network operator does not share the specific break up between its 3G and LTE user base.

China Telecom said the number of 4G terminal users in 9 months reached 43.73 million, indicating an addition of 36.65 million.

The number of mobile subscribers reached approximately 194 million, representing a cumulative net increase of 8.72 million.

China Telecom’s operating revenues rose 1.1 percent to RMB 246,317 million, service revenues grew 1.9 percent to RMB 221,067 million, EBITDA increased 2.3 percent to RMB 76,513 million and profit up 1.2 percent to RMB 16,361 million in the first nine months of 2015.

The mobile ARPU of China Telecom was stable at RMB 55.5.

The wireline broadband subscribers reached 111 million, representing a net addition of 4.14 million, said China Telecom on Wednesday.

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