Chinese and Japanese MNCs to spend $3 billion more per year on international data networking

based in Japan are set to spend an additional $2 billion annually on
international network services by 2014, up 15 percent from current levels.
Fastest growth, perhaps unsurprisingly, is set to come from Chinese
multinationals, which are expected to triple expenditures as they connect to
more foreign locations.

expected growth clearly helps NTT, which has recently expanded its
international network and could attract much of this revenue. China Telecom is
also well placed to benefit.

among Asian multinationals may seem to offer easy pickings for Asian carriers.
However service providers with global infrastructures such as AT&T, BT
Global Services, Orange Business Services and Verizon Business could also
exploit the new revenue opportunities, provided their sales propositions work
in the right markets.

growth in some markets means service providers need to plan carefully to
maximise revenues, by understanding where pockets of growth are greatest in
Asia and elsewhere. They also need to understand the offsetting factors at

cause growth in international network expenditure to lag trade growth by 50
percent in many countries and sometimes exceed it by 100 percent elsewhere.
Also consolidation leads to fewer multinationals than expected in larger
countries, according to BRC Consultancy.

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