Circadence launches WAN and network optimization client on Android market

Circadence, a provider of WAN and network optimization
solutions for government and commercial customers, announced availability of
the android app on the Android Market.

Companies use Circadence WAN optimization solution for
rapid, reliable and secure transfer of data. With increased performance ranging
from 100 to 4000 percent across any network connection, Circadence
Link Resilience eliminates downtime while data remains secure from end to end.
Adding Android to the portfolio, companies can now benefit from improved
throughput wherever data is accessed.

Whether for employees of organizations already using
Circadence or IT departments testing options for improving throughput and
reliability, the Android Market offers the best vehicle for companies to access
the Circadence client,” said Mike Moniz, CEO of Circadence.

The ease of access, download and deployment reduces the
burden on already stretched IT departments looking to optimize performance for
3G, 4G and WIFI connections from Android devices,” Moniz added.

To take advantage of Circadence Android client, companies
will need administrative rights and access to a Circadence MVO hub.

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