D-Link introduces D-Link Insight, available for free in WebSmart switches

Telecom Lead America:  D-Link, a networking
solutions provider for consumers and enterprises, has launched D-Link Insight.


The new platform is a result of integration of
cloud-based monitoring and security into its existing WebSmart series of switches.


The new platform combines pioneering D-Link Cloud
services with WebSmart switch architecture to create a highly-accessible,
portal-based administration system for businesses.


The company said that D-Link Insight addresses the
mobility concerns of network administrators with a powerful solution that
brings network device discovery, tracking, and compliance monitoring to
WebSmart series switches at no additional cost.


 “In the past, dedicated hardware would have
been required to carry out these functions, not to mention the extensive
expertise needed to configure and maintain such a system. D-Link Insight makes
these functions available directly on the WebSmart switch itself, without
additional hardware, and everything are conveniently accessible from a friendly
web-based portal in the cloud,” said David Nguyen, director product
management, ethernet switching and security, D-Link.


The company added that the switches can be monitored from
the cloud-based portal that provides a snapshot of serial numbers, firmware
versions and locations. Current connectivity status is also readily available,
along with a logged history of backups and reboots.


D-Link Insight is immediately available on the DES-1210
and DGS-1210 series switches via a firmware update on the company’s
official website.


 Once installed, D-Link Insight can be configured
via a streamlined registration process using the web GUI. Administrators need
simply to configure the IP address, gateway and DNS server to proceed with
switch registration to the Insight portal.


MediaTek collaborates with D-Link to deliver Wi-Fi Cloud


Recently, Chip major MediaTek announced that its Wi-Fi
system-on-a-chip (SoC), the RT6856 was incorporated into D-Link’s latest Wi-Fi
cloud routers.

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