D – Link introduces ShareCenter PRO unified storage systems

D-Link has launched a unified storage system which offers small and medium
businesses a multitude of options for managing and securing data on their

The D-Link ShareCenter Pro DNS-1100-04 tackles the ever-increasing need for
data consolidation and sharing.

The D-Link ShareCenter Pro systems offer several benefits over convention NAS
devices and help to eliminate the worry of over or under-buying storage
capacity through the use of virtual disks.
Other benefits include support for virtualization, flexible storage allocation,
extensive backup options, in addition to simplified provisioning and
centralized management. Most importantly, ShareCenter Pro systems can function
as a NAS, while simultaneously acting as an external iSCSI storage device for
application servers such as Exchange, SQL, and Apache.

With the need for growing data storage requirement, small & medium
businesses these days are looking out for a central storage location for
sharing or backing up data.  D-Link ShareCenter Pro allows to serve
multi-tenant applications making it a perfect choice for businesses that
require a flexible platform with plenty of room for expansion” said Tushar
Sighat, CEO – D-Link (India) Limited.

Using an array of virtual disks, a master ShareCenter Pro can connect to other
iSCSI targets on the network which are then seen as multiple discreet volumes
within the system. When storage is maxed out for a particular volume,
administrators can simply add another ShareCenter Pro to the network to augment
the available free space.

ShareCenter Pro systems are reinforced with dedicated hardware acceleration
engines and high-performance core processors for heavy daily business
applications. Backup time can be greatly reduced through a convenient Volume
Snapshot feature which captures a disk image at a specific point in time,
enabling immediate restoration whenever needed. Likewise, provisioning and
management is straightforward, trivializing the often arduous process of
transferring and replicating data.

D-Link ShareCenter Pro systems implement D-Link Green technology which assures
significant energy savings over conventional NAS devices. Scheduled power
on/off settings allow administrators to control when the device is active, and
hard drive hibernation can be used to reduce power consumption when the NAS is
not in use.

Green Ethernet also optimizes power usage based on dynamic detection of cable
length and link status. The D-Link ShareCenter Pro DNS-1100-04 is a 4-bay
unified storage enclosure that supports up to four standard 3.5″ SATA hard

By Telecomlead.com Team
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