Ericsson to Build LTE Network for LG UPLUS in Korea

Ericsson announced that the company, via their local entity, LG-Ericsson, signed a contract with LG U+, a Korean wireless service provider, to build a ultra-high speed LTE commercial service network.




With this deal, LG U+ will be able to support the existing CDMA and 4G LTE mobile service concurrently, becoming the first LTE service provider in Korea including upgraded data speeds and service quality. As an industry leader in design, deployment, integration and support services for mobile networks, Ericsson is helping bring commercial LTE services to Korea already by July 2011.




Ericsson  will be responsible for building LTE network in Seoul and metropolitan area with a population of 25M and will supply Evolved Packet Core network, LTE base stations and optical repeaters for access and transmission. The project will start in May this year and be completed in 2012. 





With the LTE service, consumers will be able to enjoy high-speed mobile broadband services like high-definition video, voice and data, which are six times faster than the current 3G mobile technology.  At the initial stage, the service will be provided through a dongle that allows LTE network access. Once LTE-dedicated handsets are available, the LTE service is expected to prosper.





Ericsson has successfully introduced the world’s first LTE commercial service and accumulated unrivalled technology, experience and know-how,” said Mats H Olsson, head of Region China and North East Asia. We are embarking a vital project for the future of LG U+. We will not only bolster our partnership with LG U+ but also contribute to the LTE development in Korea.”


In September 2010, LG U+ had a benchmarking test to select LTE equipment vendors and named Ericsson as supplier of Evolved Packet Core (EPC) and LTE radio base station (eNodeB).




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