Exar unveils new low noise high performance LDO

Exar Corporation has unveiled, the XRP6272, a new low
noise high performance LDO for up to 2 Amps point-of-loads.

The XRP6272 supports a single 1.8V to 6V wide input
voltage rail and provides a 2 Amps point-of-load with an adjustable output
voltage. It is capable of delivering power from as low as 0.7V for core voltage
to a 5V for RF circuitry. Very low output noise combined with a high Power
Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR) makes it the ideal device for noise sensitive
applications. The XRP6272’s very low quiescent current provides enough
versatility and performances to be used in portable equipment.

“It simplifies power management component selection
to one single device for these architectures. The design flexibility of the
XRP6272 will accelerate time-to-market for OEMs by reducing the complexity of
their power designs. The XRP6272 joins an expansive family of market proven
LDOs that are deployed successfully in varied applications and environments,”
said Eric Pittana, director of marketing, Power Product Line.

With an adjustable output voltage as low as 0.7V, this
device is capable of powering core processors and FPGAs. Allowing usage of
small low cost ESR ceramic output capacitors and featuring a low 30uA quiescent
current, the XRP6272 is optimized for use in battery powered portable
equipments while an Enable function and Power Good flag complete the feature
set. Built-in current limit and thermal protections provide the XRP6272 with
fail-safe operations.

The XRP6272 is available in volume quantities and offered
in a RoHS compliant, “green” halogen free 5-pin TO-252 package and
8-pin exposed pad HSOIC package. Pricing starts at $0.39 for 1K

By Telecomlead.com Team
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