Eyeing mobile operators, Oracle launches Big Data Appliance in India

Telecom Lead Team
: Information company, Oracle announced that it will be
tapping telecom operators and enterprises with huge online presence with its
Big Data appliance in India.

Big Data approach is focused on engineered systems and is aimed at making big data
initiatives practical for the enterprise. 

is the first vendor to offer a complete and integrated solution to address the
full spectrum of enterprise Big Data requirements. Oracle’s Big Data strategy
is centered on the idea that customers can evolve their current enterprise data
architecture to incorporate Big Data and deliver business value, leveraging the
proven reliability, flexibility and performance of their Oracle systems,” said
Sundar Ram, vice president, Technology Sales Consulting, Asia Pacific, Oracle Corporation,
announcing the official launch of Big Data in India.

is trying to tap a big market opportunity in the world with Big Data. Major
telecom markets such as India and China will be target markets for Oracle.
Between 2009 and 2020, the size of the Digital Universe” will increase 44
fold.  That’s a 41 percent increase in capacity every year.  In
addition, only 5 percent of this data being created is structured and the
remaining 95 percent is semi-structured in nature.

are looking at evolving their IT infrastructures to handle the rapid rate of
delivery of extreme volumes of data, with varying data types, which can then be
integrated with an organization’s other enterprise data to be analyzed.
Approximately 48 percent of enterprises expect a significant or moderate
increase in the unstructured data analysis over the next five years.

across verticals are faced with the challenge of acquiring, organizing and
analyzing this enormous amount of digital data to make better business
decisions. There is a strong latent demand for Big Data and Analytics platforms
in the market.

believe, verticals like BFSI, Retail, Media, and government sectors will adopt
Big Data immediately owing to the enormous data flow, while sectors such as
healthcare and telecom are likely to be among the early adopters before most
verticals adopt Big Data solutions,” Sundar added.

Big Data Appliance is architected to rapidly turnaround adhoc information
requests, which otherwise take weeks, thus making the businesses very agile and
it also help customers control IT costs by pre-integrating all hardware and
software components into a single Big Data solution that complements enterprise
data warehouses.

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