Facebook, Twitter and Blog Content to be Archived to the Cloud with One Click

Nirvanix, a provider of enterprise-class cloud storage services, announced that Nirvanix Cloud Storage technology is integrated as a storage tier for the latest edition of Symantec Enterprise Vault, an archiving solution.

Enterprise Vault 10, scheduled to be available worldwide in summer 2011, will include the ability to automatically archive social media interactions from Facebook, Twitter, blogs, e-mail and instant messages for compliance, eDiscovery and corporate governance purposes into the Nirvanix enterprise-grade cloud for long-term archiving. This integration leverages cloud economics to lower storage costs for both private and hybrid cloud deployments.

The era of big data is upon us and the data tsunami we’ve seen in the past five years will look mild compared to what’s coming,” said David Vellante, president of  Wikibon. Wikibon users are looking to cost effectively archive data to the cloud for all content types–social media feeds, user gestural data, health care records, scientific data and much more. Archiving data to the cloud is a natural extension to on-premise strategies and has the potential to bring dramatic savings by lowering storage and data protection costs and reducing pressure on backup windows”.

By selecting the new Symantec Enterprise Vault Cloud Storage for Nirvanix, customers can deduplicate information at the source to reduce costs before migrating it to the cloud, and delete information confidently and discover information efficiently while data is in the cloud. The seamless integration ofSymantec Enterprise Vault  with Nirvanix Cloud Storage enables “One Click to the Cloud”, making the use of the cloud as easy as managing on-premise storage.

Social media plays a vital role for the modern company for marketing, customer relations, support and training”, said Tony Asaro, senior analyst and founder of the INI Group.

And yet we store this content without regard or control of these important assets. Symantec integrating with Nirvanix is very smart by using Enterprise cloud storage to archive content from the biggest public cloud–the Internet. Companies and organizations are beginning to realize that social media needs to adhere to compliance and corporate governance regulations just like any other communication vehicle and they need an effective Enterprise-class solution that meets the demands of a new era”,  Asaro added.

According to Gartner, approximately 70 percent of data is duplicate, and hasn’t been accessed in over 90 days. Enterprise Vault helps mitigate this effect by eliminating redundant copies of data and by allowing administrators to migrate archived data to the enterprise cloud from sources where information can accumulate such as email, file servers and Microsoft SharePoint.

Cloud services need to be the sole company focus of a cloud provider, not a sidelight or an adjacency to the main company business”,  said Scott Genereux, president & CEO of Nirvanix.  Enterprise requirements are such that you can’t have any scheduled or unscheduled downtime. That’s why Nirvanix Cloud Storage for Symantec backup and archive applications was specifically built from the ground up to meet or exceed those Enterprise requirements–for the largest media and entertainment companies, financial institutions and technology innovators”.

As data continues to grow more than 50 percent a year and retention requirements extend the shelf life of a wide variety of business-related records, organizations can no longer afford to keep purchasing storage systems and tape silos for archiving. Enterprise Vault Cloud Storage for Nirvanix optimizes how businesses use the cloud to archive information and simplifies regulatory compliance.

The integration of Symantec Enterprise Vault and Nirvanix Cloud Storage will greatly aid organizations in their compliance efforts”,  said Brian Dye, vice president of Product Management, Information Management Group, Symantec. The cloud offers unequalled savings and Nirvanix epitomizes the security, reliability and redundancy levels that enterprises expect. In addition, our tightly integrated products shorten the usual lengthy on-site storage deployment routine and make it extremely easy to deploy archiving storage in minutes instead of days or weeks”.

By TelecomLead.com Team

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